Canal City Hakata

PicoCELA started demonstrating proof of concept of its technology in 2010. We began by creating the world's largest inter-AP wireless relay-enabled hotspot at Canal City Hakata. Comprising 140 PicoCELA-designed, identical, all-in-one access points and zero external hardware controllers,  the self-forming and self-managing network established continuous broadband coverage extending over 234,000 square meters. Network capacity was greater than 60 times 3.5G cellular.
  • This is an up-close look of how the nodes are connected.  For this area, there is 1 core node (wired to a LAN cable) with 11 slave nodes connected via wireless backhaul.
  • The Yellow dots represent the slave nodes, and the number represents the “hop” count.
  • Canal City Hakata managed a 88% reduction of cables in this deployment.
  • 88% reduction of cables, also means a drastic reduction of the necessary amount of switches.

The entire PicoCELA hotspot required only 17 cabled connections to the internet and was extended over 10 hops, yet delivered broadband speeds averaging 15Mbps per cluster over 802.11g for the access network. A user walking through this continuous hotspot could watch YouTube videos on an Android or iPhone seamlessly from one end of the space to the other, even at the farthest hop. In addition, PicoCELA successfully tested a tracking system with a sensor network that locates lost children indoors via Wi-Fi. A portion of the test network remains today at Canal City as part of their permanent Wi-Fi infrastructure, managed by a carrier subsidiary.

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