Japan's largest continuous underground Wi-Fi zone

PicoCELA access points are now providing free public Wi-Fi at Japan's largest indoor hotspot. The site is Fukuoka's Tenjin underground shopping arcade, which is 1.2 km long and receives over 12M visitors per month. Total area coverage was acheived with just 27 APs, requiring only 4 LAN cables.

This mall was the first to offer free Wi-Fi to its customers in Fukuoka, and services roughly 4000 unique users per day. This system has been running for 3 years, and services have not been interrupted, nor has it required a reboot. (note: The whole system runs on 1 single 10Mbps access line). Tenjin Underground mall was able to deploy this system at 1/7th the cost compared to the quotes of leading competitors (Including initial deployment and running cost).

The new Wi-Fi was featured on TV Tokyo’s World Business Satellite and has inspired literally all underground malls in Japan to approach PicoCELA for similar installations.