PicoCELA MIMOZONEs enable continuous & reliable coverage through multi-hop wireless networks

MIMOZONEs enabled by Enterprise-class WLAN access point with high-performance Inter-AP relay function

Our patented Inter-AP relay functionality, is the heart of PicoCELA's world class state-of-the-art technology. It significantly improves multi-hop performance (more than 10hops), without costly and energy-consuming access point controllers, so it's not only less-expensive than conventional Wi-Fi, it's greener too.

PicoCELA networks are self-forming and cloud-manageable. Continuous indoor /outdoor multi-hop networks are easier to deploy, scale and maintain. 

In studies comparing PicoCELA technology to a leading Wi-Fi access point with typical MESH technology, the PicoCELA network provides 5 times the relative throughput at the 4th hop. PicoCELA continues to deliver high throughput even at the 10th hop whereas MESH throughput drops more than 50% with each hop. 

Our technology reduces LAN cabling requirements on average by 70-80% compared to wired AP networks. Complex site surveys, access point controller hardware and heavy-duty network planning are not required. That way, you can quickly and easily build a broadband wireless communication environment at a fraction of costs of a competitive wireless system.

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Key points

Over 10 hop wireless relays - enabled by PicoCELA dynamic tree topology and frame transmission timing control
Worldwide cloud-based node management with PicoManager
No external WLAN controller required, the network self-organises and self-optimises
Flexibility in zone making - easy extension of MIMOZONEs

A USB interface allows connecting sensor devices.
Hybrid relay - 
the inter-AP relay link can be either wired or wireless
Interactive node setup - easy positioning and installation of nodes. Does not require knowledge about radio wave propagation.
Robust encrypted security on the wireless communication links
matched Reliability and Stability. Designed for the enterprise market.
Layer 2 wireless relay supports any protocol over Layer 3.